“Just keep going. You can always give up later.”

-Eleanor Brown

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Honor Thy Mother, Thy Father, and Thy Taper.

Simply Taper

Ahhhh. The taper.

Why is it SO hard to love thee? You tease me and you taunt me. You make every piece of food tantalizingly tempting. And you give me the appetite to boot.

I have not yearned for you. Yet, I have dreamt of you. And you have haunted me.

So, here you are! I believed this time would be different and I would be able to outwit your tenacity. Granted, I have thus utilized my power to shorten your visit, whether the well-educated marathon runner would agree or not, that this was the correct course to execute. I have given you ten days. Yes, 10 DAYS, where others may have given you 14, or 20, or even 24. But, I’m listening intently. And every inkling of my being says,

“You are going to be OK. You are going to survive this taper.”

Caution: Beware of Tapering Runner

Caution: Beware of Tapering Runner

I have honored you, perhaps not to the extent that you would have expected. But, what more could you expect? It is you, YOU, that keeps me from racking up my weekly miles…although, it isn’t so much the miles as it is the TIME that I get to spend on the road. It is the TIME that I cherish most. The unadulterated, uninterrupted, quality TIME that running gives me, both in the present and that TIME which it is buying me for my future. Now, do you understand?

Stop! Taper Time

Stop! Taper Time

Oh, thy taper. I know I can’t go much longer. But I also know that in 5 days time, you will get your revenge. I shall go from nothing to everything…all in the matter of 26.2 miles. And then, only then, shall I sing your praises. Only THEN will you get the honor you so deserve. Yes, then I will be grateful I had you in my life for 10 days. Ten long, hard, overwhelming, tense, anxiety driven days.

Oh, taper. I hate thee. But I love thee. God speed to you.

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Time Sure As Hell Did Tell.


As September draws to a close, I have to look back upon a year that wasn’t the best for me running wise. Going into Boston training, I was already plagued with an injury of sorts, which, while attempting to fix, may have in fact caused the stress reaction in my left leg. All this with the added stress of life in general this year could have in fact ended it all for me running wise. There were days where I questioned my ability to continue this hobby of mine and considered what else I could possibly take on that would give me even close to as much joy as running does. While the stress reaction healed and I was hobbling around in the boot for a month, I actually had grown accustomed to not running, and somewhere deep inside had accepted the idea that there was a slight chance I would never run again. Oddly, I was okay with that.

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My Clean, Close Shave – Shave Mob Review

Shave Mob Logo

My husband is astonished by the wonderful companies who contact me on a regular basis, asking my opinion of their products. And to be honest, he gets a little envious.

“Can I try some of those? Will they send stuff to me?”
“Well, do you want to blog about them?”
“Ok, then.”

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Hyland’s Homeopathy Winner Plus More Chances To Win Stuff!


Congratulations to Laurie Bonante for winning the Hyland’s Homeopathy Gift Basket! Remember to register for the 5-Day Stress Challenge TODAY! The first 1000 people to sign up will receive a free 32ct Hyland’s Nerve Tonic to be sent to you prior to the launch of the challenge.

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Monday, September 29th – Friday, October 3rd: Each day the Hyland’s Facebook page will feature daily challenges and content relating to a specific topic that promotes natural solutions for managing and encourage healthy strategies to help manage stress.

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Oh, This Is A RUNNING Blog!

Keep Calm and Blog on

I guess that means I’m supposed to talk about my running! Funny that I haven’t mentioned much about it lately. I guess when things are going well, you have a tendency to slack off of it…much like when things are going crappy.

The good news is, things are going well. I’ve had a few minor issues in the past few weeks, but I’ve been more diligent with my pre and post run stretches and exercises and that has pretty much knocked out all the physical miladies right out of the ball park. The mental stuff? Well, that is another blog post entirely.

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