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“Some seek the comfort of their therapist’s office, other head to the corner pub and dive into a pint, but I chose running as my therapy.”

-Dean Karnazes

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It Never Rains In California. Or Snows, Right?


I think I deserve a vacation.

My husband and I have taken just two…yes two trips without our children in our almost 16 years of marriage. Why? I guess because we always thought leaving anyone with the burden of our children and household would be just that…a burden.

Or maybe, it is because neither one of us knew how much the other one really wanted to get away.

Personally, I love to get away. Being a home maker is tireless. The cooking, the laundry, the cleaning, the prep work…especially when help is limited or non-existent. Sure, we eat out now and again, but in my effort to help everyone live and eat healthier, I have taken on the extra burden of meticulously preparing meals and grocery lists, and preparing school lunches, etc. It seems like I’m in the kitchen more than I’m in my home office.

The weather has been a kick in the pants, too. First the tireless winter, then a shot of spring…and then winter again. Full force…do NOT pass GO.

Our backyard yesterday.

Our backyard yesterday.

I kind of get tired of it.


My husband has been threatening to take me to California for years now. Why California? Because I have never been there. No, really. I haven’t.

I use the word “threatening” because since we talked about it, about 5 years ago, it has yet to happen. And it came up again this year, as my oldest step-daughter offered to watch my kids while we take this threatened vacation.

God love her.


I swear, we hemmed and hawed over it since October of last year. I don’t know why. I kept saying I wanted to go, but my husband either didn’t believe me, or was just waiting for me to make the first move. As it turns out, it was both. I had to get in his face and say, “I WANT TO GO!” and then I had to sit at my computer and figure out air fare, travel times, and the like. And then suddenly, after it was booked, the light turned on in his brain, and he got a little excited about going.

Sheeeeez. Sometimes, you just gotta do it yourself or it never, ever gets done.

So, we’re off…and I’m thrilled! I need this. He needs this. We need this. Everything else, including running, weight lifting, and marathon training? It will just have to wait. Time for an adventure!

And time to get out of dodge.

See you next week!

Do you have to plan your own romantic getaways? Or does your significant other take care of that?

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Why I’m Not Running and Why I’m OK With It.


You read correctly. I’m not running. I’m taking a break. I’ve been saying it since the Twin Cities Marathon yet I have failed to do so until now.

I’ve signed up for races left and right this year. In fact, so many that I have lost track! These last three, The Half Fast Half Marathon, the Kenyon 5K Run for the Roses, and the Team Ortho Get Lucky Half Marathon, all happened in a three week span. And they have done me in. I’ve had some real troubling leg issues in my hips and calves, not to mention a little weight gain which has thrown off my entire gait. Yes, the chiropractor seems to be helping tremendously, but I’m still quite sure I’m over trained. And it is time to refrain from the pounding.


I’m still doing my P90X workout, and to burn some calories, I have been on the stationary bike. Thanks to that bike and my Mac book Air, I have been able to finally catch up on some blogging that has been long overdue. I’ve also been able to respond to a chunk of e-mails sitting in my inbox for a few weeks now. It feels great, mentally, to be able to catch up on all of this and get back to my second love…writing.

I do love to write. I find it liberating to get stuff off my mind. I have no idea of who is out there listening…and I don’t really care if there are more who aren’t than are. If you are, I appreciate it. If you respond to my blatherings, I relish it. Around here at home, it is tough to get any kind of feedback, whether positive or negative. My blog is like my psychologist. It listens, but it doesn’t judge.

So, I’m not running.

And I’m OK with it.

I’m feeling much better, I have to admit. I’m sleeping better again, and slowly but surely, my legs are getting back to normal. This rest must be done if I’m going to be in any kind of condition to tackle that marathon in two months. I’m not too worried, because I know I’m already in great physical condition, with the exception of my weight, which has crept up a bit.

5 Pounds is 5 Pounds

See, I’m NOT crazy!

My husband laughs at me when I complain about my 5 pounds…but since I usually maintain 115 pounds, 5 pounds more is a nice chunk of change and it has affected my running. It needs to come off if I have any hopes of running ailment free. Where has it come from? I’m not too sure, but I’m deep into peri-menopause now, and the cycle upset is horrendous. I also believe that being over trained is making me retain the weight. Stress does that. And over training stresses the body.

So, I’m not running. Well, at least not right now.

And I’m OK with it.

Chicago marathon 2015 acceptance letter

I’m in!

The best news arrived earlier this week that my time qualified entry into the Chicago Marathon has been confirmed! All I have to do is slap down the entry fee and I’m in! I couldn’t be more excited. This is the marathon I’d love to PR. And being that it is in October, I’ll have plenty of time to rest and regroup for it. I’m more than excited! With this run, and Boston 6 months later, and perhaps New York 6 months after that, my 50th year on this earth will be one to remember.

And do you remember that Kenyon Run for the Roses 5K? The one where I ended up being the first female finisher? It turns out there were 70 entrants! So, to be the 5th finisher of 70, and the first female, makes it a little more rosy. :D

And here we are, mid week. I’m still NOT running.

And I’m OK with it.

(Maybe if I keep repeating it to myself, I’ll really be OK with it!)

What is the longest voluntary break you have ever taken from running? Why did you take it? 

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Meal Enders #Review and #Giveaway!

Blank Foil Food Or Drink Bag Packaging with valve and seal isolated on white

I’ve always been a sweet tooth. Once a sweet tooth, always a sweet tooth, despite the fact that I am now #nosugar.

Sure, the cravings have diminished greatly, but sill, after a savory meal, I get the urge to pop something sweet. Normally, after dinner, I’d reach for the dark chocolate. And I admit I still do, except now it is 90% or greater cocoa content chocolate that I grab. But when I saw these MealEnders Lozenges, it looked like a product that I had to try. It combines a sweet sensation, along with a potent blend of ingredients that turn off that compulsion to eat, after you’ve eaten!

Sounds like a great concept. Almost too good to be true.

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Purely Inspired Lemon Pound Cake – #FACLW

2015-03-10 15.26.45

If you missed it last week, I reviewed Purely Inspired Nutrition’s Protein Powders and I promised you a new recipe this week using their Natural Vanilla flavored protein powder. If you haven’t heard about Purely Inspired Nutrition, I highly recommend you check them out. What I like most about them is that they are reasonably priced, all-natural vegan protein powders that are easily accessible in your local drug or grocery store. But of course, you can find them at Amazon
as well!

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With A Little Luck – #GetLuckyMN 2015 Race Recap

Get Lucky Flat Me

Lucky? I’d say by all accounts, yes.

Everything leading up to this event was all wrong. I wasn’t feeling well. I was tired and achy. I haven’t been sleeping worth a damn. And my training runs were very forced. Last Saturday was the last time I did anything respectable as far as running goes. It was 10-miler that I pulled out of nowhere. With temperatures finally getting out of the single digits, it seemed appropriate that I try something a bit longer that day. It was a respectable run, although I realized that my left calf strain doesn’t seem to be healing as quickly as I would hope. So, I was sore the next day.

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