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“You have to forget your last marathon before you try another. Your mind can’t know what’s coming.”

-Frank Shorter

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back




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Black Friday Runner Deals!


Time has quickly gotten away from me again this year, and I had full intentions of putting together a holiday list of items for those RUNNERS on your nice list. As it turns out, I’m still going to offer you some great suggestions and a few great deals, as well, but I just won’t go into to much detail about the products. Suffice it to say, this is all stuff I use to enhance my runs, and if there is stuff here you have been hesitant to try because of the expense, now is the time! Black Friday deals are abound…and it is just about here.

First and foremost…

SIGN UP WITH EBATES! This is SO easy to do, and you get cash back for online purchases! 80% of the places you shop online are in the system. I have gotten checks over $100 after the holidays. It is SO worth it. Trust me! Just sign up and go to their site to get to the merchant site through them. Or, download the google toolbar app for Ebates. So easy!!




Let’s start with Onnit. Onnit has everything you need for your fitness arsenal, from supplements to kettle bells, you can find it here. They are dedicated to providing our customers with supplements, foods, and fitness equipment aimed at helping people achieve a new level of well-being we call Total Human Optimization.

unnamed (1)

  • 25% off supplements
  • 20% off foods
  • 18% off fitness
  • 30% off gear
  • 40% off doorbusters, including The Werewolf Legend Bell

Miracle Noodle

Next up is Miracle Noodle. This product I use daily. Miracle Noodles make it easy to give up pasta. Not just for you, but for the entire family. I have successfully integrated Miracle Noodles into our daily diet without a hitch. In fact, many dishes work much better with Miracle Noodles than the typical carb-loaded pastas. This coupon code will give you 15% off at the Miracle Noodle website.


15% Off on all items
Coupon Code: aff15thanks
Validity: November 25 to 30, 2015


Energybits. Do I really have to say more about these? I swear by them. 30 bits before each run. 20 every hour thereafter. 30 Recoverybits before bed. Your life will NEVER be the same. Trust me! Code NEONISMYCOLOR gets you 25% off. ALWAYS!

ENERGYbits Retail Store at

ENERGYbits Retail Store


Thrive Market

It is so easy to buy great food online now thanks to Thrive Market. The deals are always tremendous, and the subscription fee is LOW! Don’t be afraid of this one. You’ll find yourself returning to this site again and again because of their competitive prices on supplements, snacks, protein bars, oils, condiments, even coffee!



Upgraded Self

Bulletproof is my life. I love everything Dave has to offer from the MCT oil to the incredible coffee. I also use the Glutathione Force, and the Bulletproof bars, not to mention the coconut charcoal. You’ll never have a hangover again!

BLACK FRIDAY, November 27 – 20% off coffee, beverages, and oils
20% off all coffee, beverages, and oils at Valid 11/27.
Coupon Code: No Code Needed

Saturday, November 28 – 20% off proteins and healthy snacks
20% off all proteins and healthy snacks at Valid 11/28.
Coupon Code: No Code Needed

Sunday, November 29 – 20% off supplements and accessories
20% off supplements and accessories at Valid 11/29.
Coupon Code: No Code Needed

CYBER MONDAY, November 30 – 20% off sitewide!
20% off sitewide at! Valid 11/30 only!
Coupon Code: No Code Needed

And this month, chocolate is 10% off, including hot chocolate, truffled coffee beans, and new flavors of our chocolate bar! Use the link below to promote this offer.
10% off chocolate at UpgradedSelf! Valid through 11/30.
Coupon Code: No Code Needed


What better way to keep track of your fitness either on your wrist or on your smartphone or both. Fitbit keeps you accountable and is the perfect tool for the OCD fitness geek. I love the alarm feature. Wake up without waking your partner for an extra 30 minutes of peace in the morning!

Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 8.41.07 AM



SLS3 offers great compression wear for runners and triathletes! Their big sale begins tomorrow as well. I highly recommend their compression socks and sleeves!


And here is your code for 50% savings. BLACKFRIDAY50



Under Armour

Under Armour base layer ROCKS! I live and run in Minnesota. Trust me on this one.

Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 8.53.37 AM

Charmed Running

What runner wouldn’t want a customized shoelace charm? I can’t think of one…

My new Etsy store will have something your runner wants…if not, I’ll make one for you! $1 for each charm sold this month goes to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital AND you get FREE SHIPPING no matter how big your order! Check it out!



Stay tuned because I’m sure I’ll have more for you as we go through the weekend. Don’t miss out on these deals because they won’t last forever. Hope you get some great bargains!

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Charmed Running


I’ve worn quite a few hats in my lifetime. Many of them in the last 16 years since I’ve gotten married. I jumped in life from a television meteorologist, presenting the weather for news affiliates from Chicago to Tampa and points in between, to becoming a wife and instant mother to three, not to mention the two I immediately became pregnant with just two weeks after the ceremony.

Since then, there is no doubt I have been trying to “find” myself. I like to keep busy when I can find spare time. The trouble is usually finding the spare time because there is so much I want to learn and do.

I’ve tried knitting, crocheting, sewing, painting, drawing, cooking, web design, graphic art, paper scrapbooking, and digital scrapbooking. It is the latter that I was probably the most profitable at. And although I enjoyed it immensely, I quickly grew bored of it.

Me and V.

Me and V.

I had a dear friend who urged me to continue, and I did so because of her, and because ultimately we had started a business of our own, along with a few other very talented designers. But the store closed after a year, and then my friend passed away suddenly, and I never went back to it. A part of me died with her. I couldn’t, as hard as I tried, resurrect my digital scrapbooking hobby.


A few years later and I’m scouring the internet, looking for shoe lace charms. I know…sounds odd. But I love the bling! I love looking down at my feet before a run or a race and seeing instant inspiration. It shines at me in the morning sunlight and says “Look what YOU did!”

My shoe lace charms always make me smile.

Twin Cities Marathon Charm by Charmed Running

Twin Cities Marathon Charm by Charmed Running

But, there were races and styles and sayings I wanted but just couldn’t find. I had this crazy thought to try to make my own. After doing some research and making a few small purchases, I was able to come up with a template that fit a particular charm. Then using my background in graphic art and Photoshop, was able to design a few personal charms.

Chicago Marathon Charm by Charmed Running

Chicago Marathon Charm by Charmed Running

Then I had a thought. Who else is looking for this? There must be other runners who love their #bling as much as I do. Would they want their own? Wouldn’t they like some personalized #bling?

There are literally thousands of races across the United States…heck, the entire globe! Not all races have medals or tee-shirts. It would be nice to walk away from an event you are proud of with a memento of that run, right?


Now it is possible. Enter Charmed Running.

I Run 4 Charms by Charmed Running

I Run 4 Charms by Charmed Running

For a few bucks, I’ll design a charm just for your event. Or perhaps, you can find one already made in the store! They are so beautiful and look so great on your shoes. I’m always asked questions when I have them on like, “You ran BOSTON?” or “26.2…how many marathons have you run?” Or “What did you think of Chicago…and where did you find that charm?”

Boston Charm from Charmed Running

Boston Charm from Charmed Running

I’d love for you to take a look at my Etsy store and see what Charmed Running has for you. Yes, you need an Etsy account to purchase them…it is free to register, but you can also find my charms at my Ebay store. And if neither of those options work for you, heck, just e-mail me. We can work out a paypal payment easy as pie.

Custom team charms by Charmed Running

Custom team charms by Charmed Running

These charms will make amazing stocking stuffers for the runner on your Christmas list. And just imagine what your running group would think if you all had matching shoe lace charms to run with! The possibilities are endless!

$1 from every charm purchased goes directly to St. Jude this month!

$1 from every charm purchased goes directly to St. Jude this month!

But I’m not in this just for the cash. Sure, it is nice…but I want to give back, too. That is why each month, I’ll choose a charity to share my profits with. This month, it is St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. This one is near and dear to my heart, as my daughters lost a childhood friend to cancer. So every charm you purchase will help a child and their family in a direct way.

Please feel free to browse and shop. And I’ll take custom orders, so please don’t be afraid to ASK! I’d love to personalize one just for you!

Redefine your impossible with #CharmedRunning.

Now, get out there and run!

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Learning to Crawl


They say that as one ages, the body tends to revert back to the days of infancy. I’m sure you’ve seen it, or perhaps you have had a parent decline, or maybe played caregiver to an elderly friend or family member. In general, once the physical body has had enough, one might need assistance doing the most basic everyday tasks, such as eating, changing one’s clothes, or even needing to don diapers.

I often feel this way after a grueling running event. Yes, the marathon stands out, although, sometimes a half marathon can be completely draining, but not to the extent and duration as the full.


Last year, I was running on fumes after the Twin Cities marathon. Not only did I run my fastest marathon to date, but soon after, I ran two half marathons. During one of these, I set a course PR, and at the other I set a general half marathon PR. Then, I just kept running.

This year, however, after running Chicago, my next few races were “meh”. Mainly, because I had a few irks and quirks. My right hamstring remained tight and whiney. Because of it, I developed a mirror image owie on the right tibialis posterior, much like my left legged injury of the previous spring. Perhaps if I had just slowed to a stop, I wouldn’t be in the situation that I am in.


it is obvious that it is time to revert back to infancy in regards to running. I need to learn to crawl again. I need to start at the very beginning.

The marathon ages you. Much like an elderly person, if you run the race with all you’ve got (or live your life to the fullest), you will eventually burn out. Your body will yell, “ENOUGH already!” And it will beg for a break.

I’m ready to give myself this break.

In 8 weeks, my training (life) will begin again. Boston will be 16 weeks away come January 1. I want to be brand new before that training begins. I need a clean page with which to write on. I want a flawless background to paint my masterpiece. I need to be ageless. I need to feel no pain. I need to be reborn.


After running Chicago, I vowed to my husband as we walked back to the hotel, that my Boston Qualifying days were done. I didn’t want to run fast anymore. I just want to finish the race.

But…wouldn’t it be grand to #BQ at Boston?

Yeah, I’m hard to kill.

With 50 around the corner, I’m getting the inkling that my possibilities might become endless again. Well, at least for another half decade. Why should I start holding back now?

I do need to play it smart, however. I have a perfectly wonderful Zero Runner, which I paid a hell of a lot of money for, sitting in my basement. This will be my weapon. This is going to help me #BQ at Boston. I’ll need to devise a plan…

In the meantime, I’ll just continue to crawl through the next two months. It will go by fast. Because, as you know, before you know it, those babies are walking.

I better not blink.

Is your running season just getting started or are you looking to take a late Autumn break as well?

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Tuvizo 2 Go Waist Pack Review


My husband lives his life rather vicariously through me, especially when it comes to gadgets. You know, the expensive, electronic kind. These are the technological advances that he believes are worth owning, however, he doesn’t necessarily need them, per say. That said, he will go out and buy them for his wife even though I may not necessarily want them, per say.

With a few items, he hit a home run. My husband is a PC. I am hetero-OS. I’ve wanted a Mac for many years, as I believed in my former career as a graphic artist, that Mac handled Photoshop better. After much hemming and hawing, he finally succumbed to getting me some Apple products. My iMac, and my Mac Air being two of those things that I adore.

My iPhone 6+ however, well, it’s a love/hate thing. There is much I like about it, but in fact, there is just as much that I dislike about it. I could go into all the gory details, but this is a running blog, not a tech blog. Suffice it to say, it is very difficult to run with an iPhone 6+.

My giant iPhone

My giant iPhone

I still have my old iPhone 5s. In fact, my husband’s thought, when he purchased the iPhone 6+ for me at Christmas, was that I’d use the iPhone 5s for running, and save the iPhone 6+ as a “purse” phone. At the time, it seemed like a brilliant idea. The iPhone 6+ quickly grew on me, namely because it is easier to “see” and manipulate. Running with the iPhone 5s worked perfect as well, because it was smaller, but still allowed me to run my Runmeter (running app for iOS), and stay connected to him, which is crucial when I am out running the roads.

The biggest issue I had with having two phones was missed messages, phone calls, and the like. Each phone needs a different number. I could sync them, but it made life very confusing. If one phone rang, so did the other. If I got one text with an audio cue, it would ding on both phones. If I responded to the text on the running phone, no one knew it was me because of the new number on the phone. So, eventually I turned the sync mechanism off. My husband retorted with,

“What is the sense of having a running phone if you aren’t going to answer it while you are running?”

…um…I could answer that in so many ways with responses that wouldn’t be pleasing to my husband’s ear.

The Apple Watch

The Apple Watch

To make matters even more confusing, five months later for my birthday, I was gifted an Apple Watch. Um, yeah. Now what? The thinking changed to,

“Now you can run with your watch!”

But in order for the watch to act as a emergency contact, text device, or even to utilize an app, the host phone has to be somewhere nearby. I still have to run with the phone.

For a few weeks, I tested it. First I synced my iPhone 5s with the watch, then the iPhone 6+. I liked how it worked with the iPhone 5s, especially for runs, because as I said before, running with the iPhone 6+ is a bitch. But then, if we went out for a night on the town, my Apple Watch did me no good, unless I towed around the iPhone 5s. So now, I was carrying two phones with me at all times, except when I was running.

Are you seeing my dilemma? In the end, not wanting to hurt my husband’s feelings for gifting me the iPhone 6+ in the first place, I unpaired it with the iPhone 5s and re-paired it with the iPhone 6+. And then I spent months trying to determine how to run with it.

None of my current waist belts will hold the iPhone 6+, with the exception of my single bottle hydration belt pocket. But I don’t always carry hydration. Nor do I always want to run with a chunky belt. The best solution I had to date was to put the iPhone 6+ in the back pocket of my Fittie. This actually worked pretty well except for the fact that I had to stop to remove the Fittie in order to fetch my phone. In the first few months of having the Apple Watch, this happened quite often because the apps weren’t very reliable. Also, reading the Apple Watch while one is running is difficult to say the least. You pretty much have to stop to read it, or to do any manipulations on it. Racing with the Fittie can be complicated, depending on where you wear your bib. It gets in the way if you need to wear it on your chest. The Fittie also covers print on race shirts that you might wish others to see (i.e. the big pink “S” during the Monster Dash). In the end, I want quick access to my phone without the hassle.

Ask and you shall receive.

Tuvizo contacted me a few weeks ago asking me to test run their 2-Go Waist Bag. They assured me that it would fit my iPhone 6+. I was willing to give it a go. The first time I tried it, I actually didn’t even run. In fact, I volunteered at a run. I didn’t want to drag along my purse, but wanted to have my phone on me. Sticking that honker in your back pocket isn’t the smartest thing in the world to do. So, I unwrapped the Tuvizo 2-Go Waist Bag and give it a whirl.

Hidden interior pocket

Hidden interior pocket

What a life saver! It was perfect for the 5 hours I was on my feet, had to continuously use my hands, and had no access to my purse. I was also able to tuck my I.D. and a few credit cards inside the hidden interior pocket in case I wanted to shop the expo after my shift. In the front, mesh, pocket, I was able to store my car keys.

It worked so well, I immediately e-mailed Tuvizo to share my excitement. I couldn’t wait to get out there and actually run with it!

Tuvizo's slim profile

Tuvizo’s slim profile

I like the fact that the Tuvizo 2-Go Waist Bag is light as a feather and that it has such a slim profile. Other waist packs can be chunky and unyielding. This one clings to you like a piece of saran wrap on a staticky day.

Adjustable belt

Adjustable belt

It has an adjustable belt which snaps closed (NO Velcro), with reflective strips. Don’t worry about any excess strap material, because if you have a small waist like I do, there are loops to tuck in the excess so that they aren’t whipping around as you run.

The pocket itself is a durable nylon material which has an inner pouch and a key clip, and a large enough pocket to hold that honker of an iPhone. It also has an outer mesh elasticized pocket for keys, if necessary, or other small items. The main bag also features an ID tag for jotting down important information in case of an emergency. The support part of the belt is made of a breathable fabric so it won’t get too sweaty on the run. The only thing I thought it was missing was an ear Bud passageway. When I read on Amazon that it did in fact have one, I had to look thoroughly for it.

Ear Bud Port

Ear Bud Port

Lo and behold I found it! However, I think that with an iPhone 6+, the passageway would be better located on the end of the pouch rather than smack dab in the middle, since the phone has to sit on it’s side. Also, a second smaller mesh pouch up front for a lip balm or a few tissues would be a plus!

My first actual run with the Waist Bag was wonderful. I had complete access to my phone at all times. It wasn’t as easy to get the phone in and out of the bag as I had hoped because of the ear bud port sticking out the end, but it did what it was supposed to do. It allowed me to run my iPhone6 + without all the hassle. It also works great as a work belt, travel belt, or any other time you don’t want to drag your purse along with you. I especially find it useful while house cleaning. I can listen to my play lists or podcasts with my phone it tow. Very handy!

For the price, I don’t think you can find a better bargain. I highly recommend it!

What is so ironic about finding this great Tuvizo 2-Go Waist Bag is that my husband finally agreed that the iPhone 6+ is too big for my needs. I’ll be switching back to the iPhone 5S until the contract comes and allows me to buy the smaller, updated iPhone. We’ll store the iPhone 6+ so that we can sell it later…unless someone wants it now. As much as I have gotten used to things like the great camera, longer battery life, and the high readability of the phone, it’s not my cup of tea, and it isn’t working the way I would like it to.

My Tuvizo 2-Go Waist Bag is staying, though! It is the perfect addition to my running needs, especially when the Fittie might get in the way. For travel, work, and around the house, it is a must have.

You can purchase the Tuvizo 2-Go Waist Bag at Amazon for $16.99, but I’m offering a limited number of coupons to a few lucky readers who respond to the post pinned to the top of my Facebook page! Please head there and learn how you could be one of the lucky recipients!

Tell me what you use to hold your cell phone on your run. Does it work for you?

Note: The opinions in this review belong to me, the author. I may accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a sample at no cost to provide honest opinions on such. This post may contain affiliate/referral links per my own discretion.


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Monster Dash Half Marathon Race Recap

2015-11-02 19.36.42


I haven’t run in the rain in a very long time, not voluntarily, at least. I signed up for this one. So I guess I was running it, regardless.

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